Season 2 Trailer

EXECUTIVE SERIES is coming back with more digital identity topics

Yes, it's me again. I'm back.

PEAK IDV EXECUTIVE SERIES is returning with Season 2.

In case you missed Season 1, I interviewed executives, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and change makers in digital identity.

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with Mike Nelson, Chaitanya Sarda & Rushabh Shah, Nick Lambert, Donal Greene, and Jeremy Gottschalk.

Over a thousand people have watched, listened, or subscribed to the EXECUTIVE SERIES. Thank you. And we're just getting started.

I'm on a mission to enable 10,000 people to become experts in digital identity.

You might have thought that I fell off, but I've actually been in a lab with a pen and a pad getting ready to bring you more topics, more conversations, and higher production value on the EXECUTIVE SERIES.

I'm uploading every full video to YouTube and I'll be producing more short clips and sound bites for easy sharing and consumption.

They say not all superheroes wear capes. Well, in Season 2, the guests are true crime fighters, combating the evils of the world and keeping our online digital identities safe.

They’re building solutions in identity verification, biometrics, reusable identity, liveness detection, device security, fraud prevention, privacy, and more.

Season 2 drops soon.

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See you soon.